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Approval of Asphalt Mix Designs Using Plant Produced Material

Prior to requesting approval of an asphalt mix design using plant produced material, the Supplier shall have completed and provided the information required in Section 4.2 of CP 52 for all HMA mix constituents. 4. ASPHALT MIX DESIGN APPROVAL. 4.1 Any asphalt mix design may be approved using plant-produced material.

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Jan 01, 2002 · gyratory bricks of plant-produced mix as per Section 3.3.D herein to verify Tensile Strengths, TSR values, Hamburg Wheel, and I-FIT criteria. The Department will require Method C verification as per Section 4.2 herein after the current construction season is completed. D. If the aggregate producer changes production practices (including, but

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This practice is intended for use with laboratory and plant-produced asphalt mixtures with aggregate up to 1 in. (25.4 mm) maximum size and for recompaction of asphalt paving mixture samples. Note 1: Historically, 35, 50, and 75 blows per face has been practiced for this test.

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The purpose of requiring a gradation on field samples is to help ensure that the asphalt plant used the same aggregates as reported on the asphalt mix design, in the same proportions. The gradation of all of the aggregates mixed together, plus the design binder content is called the job mix formula (JMF).

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SECTION 5 Types of Asphalt Plants: Overview 43 FIGURE 5-2 Major components of a batch plant. ply system, drum mixer, surge or storage silos (see Sec­ tion 11 for definitions of these silo types), and emission-control equipment. A typical parallel-flow drum-mix plant is depicted in Figure 5-4; the major plant compo­ nents are shown in Figure 5-5.


Section 2: Certification Procedures of Hot Mix Asphalt Plants This section provides the requirements for certifying HMA Plants. The certification procedures are administered by the Lansing Construction Field Services Support Area, with direct support from the Region Traveling Mix Inspector. The requirements of these procedures do not replace

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asphalt plants in the United States. Of these 3,600 plants, approximately 2,300 are batch plants, 1,000 are parallel flow drum mix plants, and 300 are counterflow drum mix plants. The total 1996 HMA production from batch and drum mix plants is estimated at about 240 million tons and 260 million tons, respectively. About 85 percent of plants ...

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testing for High ESAL, IL-4.75 and SMA hot-mix asphalt (HMA) mixes during mix design verification and production. It also redefines est t strip requirements and states HMA plant requirements for hydrated lime addition systems used in the production of High ESAL, IL-4.75, and SMA mixes.


STANDARD MS-4 1989, ASTM D 1559 and AASHTO Designation: T 166 —78. OBJECTIVE To determine the properties of asphalt mix such as density, voids, stability, and flow. APPARATUS Marshal Testing Machine Compaction pedestal consisting of a 200x460x460mm wooden post capped with a 305x305x25mm steel plate. Compaction mould consisting of a base plate, forming mould and … DETERMINATION OF ASPHALT ...

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Marshall stability and flow test values, density, and air voids in the mix and the mineral aggregate are all used for evaluation of trial mixtures of lab-mixed, lab-compacted (LMLC) asphalt mixtures. Marshall stability and flow tests can also monitor the production of the asphalt mixture using plant mix, laboratory-compacted (PMLC) samples.


(ALDOT) responsibilities during the production and lab testing of asphalt plant mix for ALDOT projects. This procedure establishes the minimum requirements for also the Contractor’s quality control (QC) plan for asphalt plants, required inspections, sampling and testing necessary to verify material and product conformance to s ALDOT


Long term mixture conditioning -- a laboratory aging procedure used to simulate the effects of HMA aging that occurs over the service life of a pavement. MIXTURE CONDITIONING OF HOT MIX ASPHALT (HMA) Samples of HMA prepared in the laboratory have different properties from mixtures produced in a HMA plant for a number of reasons.


Provide plant screens to prevent oversized material and to separate all aggregates so they may be recombined consistently within the specification limits for the asphalt mixture being produced. G) Bins. Except for drum-mix plants, provide the plant with a hot-bin storage of a sufficient capacity to ensure uniform and continuous operation.

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Apr 17, 2017 · Plant Produced Mixtures Sampling and testing of Plant produced mixtures should be the same as hot mix asphalt procedures. No changes in volumetrics are expected between field and laboratory mix designs when mix design is done in the laboratory. If Advera® WMA is added to the HMA mix design then the following may be observed:

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Hveem Mix Design Procedure. The Hveem mix design method consists of 6 basic steps: Aggregate selection. Asphalt binder selection. Sample preparation (including compaction). Stability determination using the Hveem Stabilometer. Density and voids calculations. Optimum asphalt binder content selection. Standard procedures used in Hveem mix design are:

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4.1.6 Significant differences in Marshall stability and flow from one set of tests to another or from an average value of several sets of data or specimens, prepared from plant-produced mix may indicate poor sampling, incorrect testing technique, change of grading, change of binder content, or a malfunction in the plant process. The source of ...


HOT MIX ASPHALT PLANT OPERATIONS An asphalt mixture plant is an assembly of mechanical and electronic equipment where aggregates, recycled materials or other additives are blended, heated, dried and mixed with binder to produce asphalt mixture meeting specified requirements. The plant may be stationary (located at a

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This new standard replaces Parts 2 of BS 498711 and BS 59412 and covers all the EN 13108 asphalt mixtures found in PD 6691. It has been produced for UK use because there is no European Standard that addresses the issues of transport, laying and compaction.

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OMT Plant Inspection Checklist Revised February 2012 Page 10 . Asphalt Cement Delivery System . 1. Are satisfactory means provided to introduce the proper amount of asphalt material into the mix? Yes/No _____ If yes, explain _____ 2. Does the delivery system for metering the asphalt material prove accurate within ±

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There are two sampling methods outlined in this procedure. The Contractor shall indicate which particular method he intends to use in his Quality Control Plan. The Contractor shall not change the method of sampling without approval. 1. Method A - This method samples the asphalt mixture from behind the paver using a plate

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Chapter 10 Standard Test Procedures Tests For Bitumen & Bituminous Materials MAY 2001 Page 10.61 10. 9 Marshall Stability and Flow 10.9.1 Introduction The Marshall test method is widely used for the design and control of asphaltic concrete and hot rolled asphalt materials, it cannot be applied to open textured materials such as bitumen macadam.

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Check that the equipment used to produce the asphalt rubber binder is authorized under the Materials Plant Quality Program. 4-9202A Devices for Measuring Asphalt Volume Check that the contractor properly equips delivery trucks, storage tanks, and hot mix asphalt plants with the specified devices for measuring asphalt volumes.

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Jan 01, 2017 · In this sense, plant produced mixtures should be directly investigated to obtain reliable performance evaluations. Given this background, the paper proposes the mechanical characterization of dense-graded mixtures with 40% RAP produced at the asphalt plant as part of rehabilitation activities of an in-service motorway.

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Batching plants are verified every 3 months through internal calibration done by the technical and plant department. Weigh Bridge are calibrated every 6 months by independent calibration company. Truck mixers, concrete pumps and other equipment used for production and delivery of concrete are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure ...

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Mechanical foaming is the most popular method for producing warm mix asphalt in the United States; yet, a standard mix design procedure for foamed asphalt mixtures has not been established.

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Marshall mix design procedure was used to determine the optimum asphalt content. The first mix was composed of 100% fresh aggregate and virgin asphalt and the second mix was composed of 30% RAP ...

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Note paragraph 3.1 from the standard reads: 3.1 Samples obtained in accordance with the procedure given in this practice may be used to measure pavement thickness, density, resilient or dynamic modulus, tensile strength, Marshall or Hveem stability, or for extraction testing, to determine asphalt content, asphalt properties and mix gradation.

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gyratory bricks of plant-produced mix as per Section 3.3.D herein to verify Tensile Strengths, TSR values, Hamburg Wheel, and I-FIT criteria. The Department will require Method C verification as per Section 4.2 herein after the current construction season is completed. D. If the aggregate producer changes production practices (including, but

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